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Are you an established professional who wants to make positive changes in your community and the world? Our club members are dedicated people who share a passion for community service and friendship. Becoming a Rotarian connects you with a diverse group who share your drive to give back.
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The Rotary Club of Silicon Valley Passport was Chartered on September 27, 2016. We are the third Rotary Passport Club formed in the world.

We meet twice a month via ZOOM
We are changing our meeting times so stay tuned for the new day and time we meet online. The new schedule will take effect March 2021.

·Santa Clara, California

United States

Our Stories
February 4, 2021 - Jeetu Lakhotia (Club President) and Krishna Reddy (President-Elect and Community Services Co-Chair) had delivered another batch of sleeping bags for East Palo Alto Senior Center.
December 23, 2020 - Ramesh Hariharan (Past District Governor) and Krishna Reddy (Community Services Co-Chair) delivered sleeping bags to the seniors at East Palo Alto Senior Center. In spite of the pandemic, our Rotary Club has continued to help locally and internationally as much as possible.
Our International Projects
Red Cross Blood Component Project in Guntur, India
Rotary Global Grant (GG2014817)
This Global Grant provided equipment for breaking blood into components. Equipment such as “Blood bank refrigerated centrifuge”, “Apheresis Unit”, “Deep freezer with stabilizer” and more.
E-Learning Project in Pune, India
Rotary Global Grant (GG2012526)
To provide e-learning training, science and computer lab equipment along with WASH training and pedagogical teacher training to two schools in Pune, India.
Mobile Health Screening Project in Mangalore, India
Rotary Global Grant (GG2099338)
To promote disease prevention and treatment programs that limit the spread of communicable diseases and reduce the incidence and effects of noncommunicable diseases.
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Club President
2020 - 2021
Jeetu Lakhotia
Club Leadership
Club President 2020-2021
President Elect 2021-2022
Immediate Past President 2019-2020
Club Treasurer
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Board Member at Large
Membership Chair
Foundation Chair
Communications Chair
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Community Services Co-Chair
New Channels Chair
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International Services Chair


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