Shoe Drive Fundraiser

July 25, 2020: Lisa Akselrad, Immediate Past President, dropped off a bag of shoes to Rotary Club of Silicon Andhra in Milpitas for their Shoe Drive Fundraiser. They are raising funds for Silicon Andhra Sanjivani Hospital in India. Rotary Club of Silicon Andhra partnered with Funds2Orgs. The donated shoes will be sent to developing nations like Haiti, Colombia, India and Tanzania.
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Past District Governor Ramesh Hariharan Honored with Proclamation of the City of East Palo Alto  

July 22, 2020: We are pleased to announce that our member, Ramesh Hariharan, Past District Governor 2019-20, has been honored and recognized by Proclamation of the City of East Palo Alto for his exemplary service and leadership to the East Palo Alto community. “East Palo Alto has a special place in my heart,” said PDG Ramesh Hariharan.  “In Rotary, together we see where people unite and most importantly, we strive to make communities better with volunteering and service.”
Ramesh Hariharan started as a Rotarian in year 2000 at the Rotary Club of San Jose. In 2013, he moved to the Rotary Club of East Palo Alto Bayshore and grew the club membership from 14 for 51 members as Club President. In 2016, Ramesh was instrumental in chartering the Rotary Club of Silicon Valley Passport, the third Passport Club formed in Rotary.
In 2019-20, Ramesh led Rotary District 5170 for the highest membership growth in the U.S., and the highest contribution for The Rotary Foundation in the world. Ramesh and his wife Sobha Ramesh are members of the Arch Klumph Society of Rotary International.
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A New Rotary Year 2020 - 2021

Rotary International President Holger Knaack is encouraging Rotarians to seize the many opportunities Rotary offers to enrich their lives and the communities they serve. Knaack is a member of the Rotary Club of Herzogtum Lauenburg-Mölln, Germany.
Rotary isn’t just a club for people to join, but rather “an invitation to endless opportunities,” said Knaack, who becomes president on 1 July. He emphasized that Rotary creates pathways for members to improve their lives and the lives of those they help through service projects.
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Thank You - Lisa Akselrad, Club President 2019 - 2020

June 6, 2020: Lisa conducted her last meeting as Club President with over 20 Rotarians and guests in attendance via Zoom. Aggie Freeman (Club Secretary) shared a nice photo of Lisa holding her Rotary gift, a silver and gold globe. The other photos show her at the American Red Cross Bootcamp and volunteering at the American Red Cross Blood Drive in Los Altos. Thank you Lisa for your leadership in 2019 - 2020 and Service Above Self.
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Lisa at American Red Cross Blood Drive

May 1, 2020 -- Lisa Akselrad volunteered at the American Red Cross blood drive in Los Altos. The shelter-in-place orders brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted a shortage in blood donations. The local blood drive would fill that critical need. 
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Making Masks for Healthcare Workers

May 1, 2020 -- Our Rotary member Glen W. sent in this wonderful story.  He included photos of his wife, Yen and fellow TheatreWorks costume staff members making masks for local healthcare workers. They were made at their costume shop located at Redwood Shores within the last several weeks. Although all performances have been cancelled for the rest of this season, they have volunteered their time to produce hundreds of masks for Valley Medical staff in San Jose. 
TheatreWorks just celebrated their 50th season and won the prestige Tony Award last year as the best regional theater company in the country! Click here to learn more. 
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Ancestral Festival - Africa and the Diaspora

February 15, 2020 -- Club members attended the Ancestral Festival - Africa and the Diaspora held at San Jose City College.  It was organized by our very own International Services Chair, Patience Awazi.  Through her company, High Society Events and Travels, she partnered with San Jose City College and Evergreen Community College to bring together a celebration of African Ancestry for Black History Month.  The festival had food, fashion show, dance performances, guest speakers and an African exhibition.  Thank you Patience Awazi for organizing this event!  And thank you to those who participated at the booth and/or attended the Festival. 
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Members at Rotary District 5170 International Expo

February 1, 2020 -- Several of our members attended the International Expo which was held at the University of Silicon Andhra in Milpitas, CA.  The event highlighted a variety of club projects to become involved in or support plus we were introduced to some wonderful cultural performances which we all enjoyed!  And of course, there were many opportunities to network, form new friendships, and renew old ones. 
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Lisa at MobilePack

The Silicon Valley MobilePack was a two-day event sponsored by Orchard Valley Christian Church and Bridges Community Church. Our Club President, Lisa Akselrad took part on Saturday November 16, 2019. She labeled and packed food for the organization Feed My Starving Children, a Christian non-profit that provides nutritionally complete meals specifically formulated for malnourished children.  Over 207,000 packages of food were packed and would be sent to the Philippines for those in need. The package contained rice, soy, vegetables, and vitamins.
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Business Expo and Charity Auction

Members participated in two Rotary events on Saturday October 5, 2019:  Rotary Business Expo at Ohlone College Newark Campus and Oktoberfest Charity Auction with San Jose Silicon Valley Rotary in Saratoga, CA.  
Rotary Business Expo
Expo had over 40 exhibitors!  Presentations and panel discussions!  Fun food!  Raffle and prizes! 
Photo (left): Tina and Jeetu with speaker William Santana Li, Chairman and CEO of Knightscope, Inc.
Oktoberfest Charity Auction
Kenny an exchange student from Japan standing next to Michael (host) and our member, Patience.
This was a fundraiser with Rotary Club of San Jose Silicon Valley.
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Toast to Indra Desai and Lisa Akselrad

June 8, 2019 -- It was time to celebrate Indra's year as Club President and to welcome Lisa Akselrad as incoming Club President 2019 - 2020.  The event was held at Flavors of India restaurant in San Jose.  Below are photo highlights of the event:
Toast to Indra Desai and Lisa Akselrad Amy Menon 2019-06-08 07:00:00Z 0

Mike Kutsuris Award

The Mike Kutsuris Membership Development Award will be presented to our club at the District 5170 District Conference on Saturday May 18, 2019 (luncheon) at the USS Hornet Museum in Alameda, CA.  The award is given to an individual or club who has been most successful in membership development during the Rotary year.  From July 2018 to April 2019, our club gained 18 new members thanks to the efforts of Ramesh Hariharan and Manuel Naku.
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Rotarians at Red Cross Rotary Boot Camp

January 20, 2019 -- Our club members participated in the very first Red Cross Rotary Boot Camp held at the American Red Cross - Silicon Valley Chapter in San Jose.  The “Ready When the Time Comes” program was free and open to Rotarians, their friends and families.  The program consisted of the following: hands only CPR, smoke alarm installation and fire safety education, blood drives, and more.  “Ready When the Time Comes” certificates were handed out to those who completed the training. 
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Donations to Sunnyvale Community Services

Posted on Dec 11, 2018
Lisa stopped by the Sunnyvale Community Services and dropped off the donations she collected during our Holiday Potluck Party on December 1st.  (Thank you Lisa!) 
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Ziva at Rebuilding Day

Posted on Oct 27, 2018
Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley's annual Rebuilding Day was held on Saturday October 27, 2018 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Our very own Ziva was on hand to help out.  She joined the Rotary Club of San Jose and the Rotary Club of Santa Clara that day. Their assignment was to repair a house in San Jose owned by Marco and Lois Lopez.  Mr. Lopez had an issue with his foot (many surgeries) and a bad back, so he was unable to work around the house.  That's when Rebuilding Together and their volunteers came in to help.  The Rotarians helped put in a new coat of paint, cleaned up the patio, replaced rotten wood siding, etc.  Thank you Ziva for making a difference and being an inspiration to all of us! 
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Festiv'All - Small Business Resource Fair

Posted on Oct 19, 2018
Festiv’All is one of Silicon Valley’s most celebrated Small Business Resource Fairs and largest multi-cultural networking mixers. An excellent opportunity for members of participating organizations to meet, greet, network and recruit. There were complimentary food samples from various multicultural restaurants as well as ongoing entertainment. We had a great time!  Thank you to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Silicon Valley! 


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More Medical Supply Donations

Posted on Sep 22, 2018
Members of our club helped sort, categorize, and boxed surplus medical and surgical supplies donated by local hospitals.  It took a few hours, but in the end about 14 boxes were ready for Monty Shore (Logistics Coordinator for the Flying Doctors) who will deliver them to people in need around the world.  
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A New Way To Be a Member of Rotary

Posted by Mike Kane

Join Passport Rotary

Rotary is 1.2 million passionate individuals in 35,000+ clubs worldwide. We are both an international organization and a local community leader. Together we lead change in our own backyards and across the world.

We continue to grow and are collectively and individually passionate about helping to make a huge difference in the world and at home. But, often, we hear from prospective members that they are unable to participate in a conventional Rotary club because of their demanding work or family schedule or perhaps their budget is not able to support Rotary membership. We believe the Rotary Club of Silicon Valley Passport is your answer!

Here are a few of the highlights:
  • Full Rotary Membership Rights
  • No Attendance Requirement
  • Low Monthly Cost
  • You pick which projects/fundraisers you want to help. You will be able to choose from projects at other Rotary Clubs in our District, or perhaps some other organization.
  • You can attend any club's meetings as a visiting Rotarian.
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