Posted on Jul 20, 2018
SV Passport Club is passionate about it's projects to gather surplus medical and surgical supplies from local sources and get them to people in need around the world.
1. As you know, we have picked up several boxes of  medical and surgical supplies from St. Louise and O'Connor's hospitals a few weeks ago. (see pictures of sorting and inventorying by our members Raghav, Ziva, Rini, Murali, Sobha and Ramesh)
We have established contact with Mr. Monte Short, Logistics Coordinator for the Flying Doctors.  He has organized 40 medical missions to the poorest places in Haiti and Mexico.  We have donated 2 carton of supplies to Monte Short, which will be utilized in their next mission to Haiti.
Monte Short is an outstanding volunteer with great compassion. We will invite him to make a presentation to us soon.

2. On June 9, we have already passed on two cartons of supplies through Dr. Aparna Punnam, wife of our OGKTMA friend Dr. Sujeeth Punnam. She has taken these boxes to Hyderabad for donating to non-profit hospitals there.

3. This Sunday, July 22, we will be giving away two more cartons of supplies to Dr. Sujeeth Punnam, who will take them to Hyderabad.  This noble project will benefit hundreds of patients in the world, where there is so much need.