The Bedsheet Drive has come to an end! A special thank you to all who have donated and made this project a success. With a goal of 100 sheets, we were able to collect 84 sets.
On April 30, it was time to drop off the bedsheets to the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in San Jose. Thank you to the following members: Shreya (who took the lead on this community service project), Anandi and her husband, Rachel, and Meena Kandukuri, President Elect 2022 - 2023.
Michelle Borrego of IRC welcomed them.
International Rescue Committee's primary goals is providing assistance to refugees around the world who need to flee their home countries due to lack of safety. Our contribution as a Rotary club was to help provide bedsheets for Afghan refugees who are resettling in our area and need basic housing items.
"Let us continue to come together and serve our community as best we can!" - Shreya Jani, Public Image Chair.