Disha Darshan is a one stop center to help women with resources, especially for south Asian and immigrant women of domestic violence and abuse. The organization has helped abandoned NRI (non-resident Indian) brides, and underprivileged women with free health services, food, support, legal representation, financial encouragement, and social assistance.
President of Disha Darshan, Rini Johar: Our motto is service with a smile with empathy, sympathy, and the belief that “one woman with courage is a majority”. Disha means the way and Darshan to show. DISHA DARSHAN meaning is to show the way. Our organization shows women the way to become self- reliant and to help them gain back their self- esteem. During this pandemic, the women needing assistance have quadrupled with some close to being homeless.
On August 13th, Rotary Club of Silicon Valley Passport took up the task of supporting these women by donating shoes. Club President Jeetu Lakhotia and board member Krishnakumari Reddy donated new clothes as well.